Progress Demo

Here is a quick video demo of hardware/firmware development so far. In this video you will see several exciting thing (at lease I think they are exciting). At this point, the Secure Bootloader is functionality complete. It validates the app image using a stored public key and accepts XModem download. Also the app’s functionality is coming along nicely. You will see the packet-forwarder app connect and initialized the board’s radios. In fact, I’ve recently had success receiving LoRa packets!

  • Timestamp 0:05 demo begins by connecting to Kompressor’s Secure MCU via serial from my Raspberry Pi. The Secure MCU only has the bootloader loaded (no app image yet)
  • Timestamp 0:09 reset the Secure MCU
  • Timestamp 0:25 I start xmodem transfer of signed app image
  • Timestamp 0:54 xmodem transfer complete, bootloader reboot and validate app image
  • Timestamp 1:19 I start the packet-forwarder process. You can see a bunch of debug output from the serial console, this shows the SX130x/SX1250’s registers being written.