Next Generation Helium Technology

We design technology for the Helium ecosystem


We design and build custom electronics. Everything for concept to prototype to production. Schematic capture, PCB layout, and BOM managment.

Open Source

Everything we build is Open Source. We encourage the community to view, copy, modify, and even build our designs. We just ask that you contribute as well.


We write software and firmware. Everything from microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, and blockchain.

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World's First

Secure Helium Concentrator

Secure Concentrator Cards are a new type of LoRaWAN Concentrator Card designed for the Helium Network. The new hardware architecture has several security improvements, including the ability to encrypt data packets as they are received over-the-air. NLighten’s Secure Concentrator Card unlocks new possibilities such as DIY Helium Hotspots, PoC-earning Mappers, or upgrading your existing Hotspot to a “Secure” Miner.

DIY Hotspot

Build your own PoC-earning Helium Hotspot using a Raspberry Pi or other low-cost LoRaWAN Gateway.

25% Rewards Boost

Helium Hotspots with Secure Conentrators earn 25% more than ordinary Hotspots.


Most Helium Hotspots can be upgraded with a Secure Concentrator. SPI/USB interfaces are supported making it a drop-in replacement.

Better PoC

Help grow a more secure IoT network. Secure Concentrators have TDoA feature that will enable improved PoC Algorithms.