How does Kompressor enable Helium DIY Mining?

At this time, Helium permits a DIY class of hotspot called Data-Only. You can actually build yourself a Data-Only hotspot with readily available LoRaWAN parts today; no need to wait 8 months for your pre-order miner. For example, you can buy a raspberry pi 4, RAK2287, RAK pi hat, install the Helium miner software, and you can be earning HNT for every data packet transfer. The problem is that your earning will likely be very low because you’ll be missing out on the much more lucrative Proof of Coverage earnings. Why? Because your DIY Miner does not have the all-important ECC608 hardware chip needed to securely store your private key. Helium requires hotspots to have a higher level of security to earn full proof of coverage. As a result, every HIP-19 approved hotspot has one of these ECC608 chips.

The NLighten Kompressor concentrator card emulates the functionally of the ECC608 in it’s onboard microcontroller. Now, instead of the entire miner needing to pass HIP-19 audit, only the concentrator needs to pass. This new hardware architecture not only makes the Helium network more resistant to cheaters, but also makes it possible to build DIY helium miners.

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